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WiFi is the backbone of businesses today. Employees rely on WiFi more than ever to perform their jobs and stay productive. Having the internet at your business is a basic necessity, but it comes with strings attached.

Your WiFi doesn’t end at your office walls, but instead extends 300 feet through the air making it easy for neighboring businesses or bystanders to gain access to it. Sure, having a random person mooch off your WiFi for a few hours isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but when someone has access to your wireless router they have the ability to view all the files on your computer.

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The cloud has been taking over technology as developers make their own versions and encourage users to take advantage of it. But what is the cloud exactly and why should you use it? If you are confused about the cloud, you should know that you are most likely already using it. Email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail use the cloud. Online video interfaces like Youtube and Vimeo use the cloud. It is everywhere.

Data Backup Importance

Over the last couple of decades, the world has shifted from doing business on paper to doing business online. More and more companies are trading in their overflowing filing cabinets for the cheaper and more organized way of keeping track of documents: computers.

Storing all types of company and customer information on a computer system is a great idea. To the environmentally conscious business, using computers is a good way to save trees by minimizing paper consumption, and computers allow for a quicker retrieval of specific documents. However, storing information on a computer is not helpful unless the data is frequently backed up.

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