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According to Pew Research, 80% of homes have either a desktop computer or laptop and 23% have more than three desktop computers in a singular home. With the amount of households that contain at least one desktop, the importance of computer maintenance continues to rise.

Your computer’s health, both internally and externally, is crucial to a long lasting desktop or laptop. Taking proper care of your device can save you time and money. At Auburn IT, we provide an array of computer and hardware maintenance services to keep your computer performing at high speed.


According to AV Test, over 350,000 malware and potentially unwanted applications are registered every day, and that number is projected to increase. Contracting a computer virus can be incredibly difficult to deal with and result in loss of important data and files.

Being aware of the signs that point to a possible virus that could infect your computer is important to ensure your computer is operating at maximum capacity. At Auburn IT, we want to help your computer stay secure against possible attacks.


Learning how to program and its many different languages can be an intimidating process. It is essentially like learning a foreign language with its own set of rules and elements that at first glance, makes you want to give up. However, focusing on learning one type of language will help you learn the other languages much quicker than you would think.

The language you choose to start with is not going to make or break your program language learning experience. Many of the same elements used in one language can be applied to others, which allows you to then keep building off of your existing programming knowledge.

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