Viruses come in many forms but what they all have in common is that none are good for the health of your computer. Each one can affect your device in different ways but thankfully the warning signs tend to be similar no matter which you may be dealing with.

A computer virus is basically a software that is built to replicate itself and spread to other machines, similar to the viruses we face as humans. They can enter your computer in a variety of ways such as an email attachment or even a visit to a contaminated website. Unfortunately, few computing systems are immune to infection.

Once any virus has successfully attached itself to a program, file, or document, it will lie dormant until some circumstances cause the computer to execute its code. Once that program, file or document is opened, the virus is activated.

What are some signs that you have contracted a computer virus?
  • Your computer is slowing down
  • Changes to your homepage
  • Mass emails being sent from your email
  • Frequent crashes
  • You can not access your control panel
  • Unknown programs startup when you turn on your computer
  • Strange activities like password changes occur
  • Pop-up messages show up
  • Problems accessing files and folders

If you begin to see these signs, you should immediately take steps to protect yourself. Viruses can be extremely harmful to the health of your computer.

How will this virus affect you?

Some viruses can be playful in intent and effect, others can have profound and damaging consequences. Different viruses will affect your computer in different ways. Some are able to damage your programs, steal data, delete files, or even reformat your hard drive. In addition, once a virus infects your computer, it can travel through the network to other computers. This can lead to stolen passwords or data, logging keystrokes, corrupting files, spamming your email contacts, and even taking over the machine. These risks are more than enough reason to make sure that you are always aware of and protected against viruses. At Auburn IT, our Managed Services will ensure that you and your data is protected.

Clearly the effects of a computer virus can vary greatly and they can be picked up from a variety of places. So how exactly can you take steps to protect yourself?

What can you do to protect yourself?
  • Avoid clicking on any pop-up windows or advertisements
  • Always scan email attachments and documents before opening them
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Regularly backup your computer
  • Always choose strong passwords
  • Minimize your downloads
  • Use a firewall

All of these solutions are quick fixes and may help you in the short term but if you believe that your computer has contracted a virus, the best route to take is to use the services of an IT company. Experienced employees will be able to run in-depth tests that can discover whether you have a virus that needs to be addressed.

Finding computer viruses is vital to the overall productivity of your company's technology. The ultimate goal of a virus is for your system to not work correctly which can take form in many different ways whether that be slowing down or stealing your data.

To ultimately avoid contact with viruses in general you must exercise caution when searching the web, downloading files, and opening links or attachments. You never know what could be inside. As a rule of thumb, avoid downloading anything from websites that you do not recognize.

Here at Auburn IT, we want to make sure that all of your technology runs smoothly. To accomplish this goal we use advanced security and threat protection systems and protocols. Learn more about the managed IT services and additional services we offer here.

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