We offer repair services at Auburn IT so you don’t have to worry about finding a new company to trust with your valuable computers and devices. Our trained professionals are highly experienced in repairing technology. Computer repair is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. It is a broad field, encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems.


At Auburn IT, a big part of our managed IT services is our monitoring and management. We want to ensure everything is functioning optimally. We function as a managed service provider to manage and assume responsibility for providing a defined set of services to our clients proactively. As one of our customers, your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems will be managed as a part of the services. Because we offer all of our managed services as a package, you won’t have to worry about additional fees or charges for any of our monitoring and managing services.

Disaster Recovery

Unexpected situations happen. They are an unavoidable part of life. The most important thing is to prepare as much as possible ahead of time in case the inevitable occurs. This helps minimize financial and reputational losses with your business. This is why Auburn IT offers Disaster Recovery Planning to help your company get back up and running as soon as possible after an incident.

Cloud Computing

Auburn IT wants to help your company have an extra edge against the rest with the implementation of cloud computing for your data. Cloud computing is the practice of storing and accessing your businesses’ data and programs over the internet through a cloud service, rather than through a local server. Accessing this information can be done anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection, making it a favorite due to the increased flexibility, speed, and reliability in the workplace.