Managed IT Services

With Auburn IT Managed Services, every aspect of your IT assets and infrastructure is being monitored and managed 24 hours a day, every day. What this means for you is no more wasted time dealing with technology problems, taking you away from what you are in business to do.

Our custom Managed Services solution allows us to take ownership of your network and every device on it. Our proactive approach to problem solving and maintenance means issues are handled and do not become problems. This proactive approach reduces downtime and workflow interruptions.

No more worries about your critical data being secured and backed up. No more worries about network or computer issues. No more unpredictable IT costs. For a fixed monthly budget, Auburn IT becomes your virtual in-house IT department. You get highly skilled and experienced IT support that is easier on your budget than hiring an entry level IT employee.

Monitoring & Management

As technical support, we'll monitor and manage the computer systems and networks for your organization, ensuring everything is functioning optimally.

Remote monitoring & management of all computers/servers and networked hardware
Proactive issue management and resolution
Provide a secure remote access / remote control tool for computers for client use
Provide network documentation management
Provide technology vendor management
Conduct IT Expense & Asset Management
Quarterly business technology and assessment meetings with client
Software / hardware discounts using our reseller / distributor relationships
Provide PCI Compliance management assistance if applicable
Provide HIPAA Compliance management assistance if applicable


Prevention is better than trying to find a cure. We aim to catch and prevent computer problems when they are easy to remediate and before they cause downtime for your business.

Computer and network maintenance & optimization
Windows Operating System & 3rd party software patch management
Ensure all computers/servers & any networked devices remains updated and secure
Conduct regular onsite preventative maintenance (including periodic cleanings)
Work with all 3rd party software/hardware vendors engaged by the client


We implement strategies that prevent unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. We maintain the integrity of your sensitive information, keeping it confidential.

Conduct Windows user account management
Provide advanced Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection for all computers
Provide Advanced web protection & content filtering for all users / computers
Conduct regular network threat & vulnerability scans


We implement regimented backup processes to multiple locations in order to ensure any originals and critical documents can be restored for your business after a data loss event.

Provide a dedicated local backup appliance (NAS) at our cost
Provide monitoring and management of local and cloud data backups for all workstations


Our team is equipped to help when unexpected problems occur. We are available when you have an issue and need to get your business running as efficiently as possible again.

Provide unlimited maintenance, repair, and general tech support labor

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