Technology is constantly updating and improving. Due to new inventions and ideas, the world of data backup has changed significantly over the years. The need for secure data has only increased as more companies and individuals work solely on their devices. While it may seem like the cloud always existed for us to store stuff in, the history of data backup is extensive.

Here at Auburn IT we want to ensure your personal and professional data is safe and secure. We offer a variety of services to help protect your data. Here is a brief history of data backup:

Punch Cards and Tape

Prior to the disk drive, punch cards were a popular data collection method. These punch cards were often used to record activities such as voting and time clocks. The downfall of this method is that the time card must be saved.

After the punch card, the tape technology came to be. This method was highly efficient compared to the punch cards since it could keep up to 10,000 punch cards worth of data. The downside to this computer data storage method is the amount of time required for tapes to store data. Not only was the time required to store the data extensive, but if the data needed to be restored, major delays would be experienced.

Disk Drive

The invention of disk drives, also known as HDD, were easy to use for both personal and professional use. While originally very expensive, as they became a more popular option the prices began to reduce. While they did not quickly replace tapes, as CD’s, zip drives, floppy drives and other easily transported options became popular, so did disk drives.

These disk drives became a highly popular option for businesses to begin storing large amounts of data, with the option for on-site or remote storage.

The Cloud

Toward the beginning of the cloud usage, in the mid 1900’s, many were skeptical of the safety and protection that the cloud provided. Since that concern for many has since subsided and many have begun to trust the advanced technology, the cloud has become ideal for many to store their data.

The cloud involves storing data in a separate physical location on a harddrive that you can then access. This option requires little managing or effort on the users end and is usually accompanied with a small monthly cost.


Backup data recovery is the newest option in data recovery. This is a two-part data storage option that involves sending information to a physical data center and also to a network attached storage device that backs up to a hard drive. This double backup method allows for multiple copies of your data to be made which helps to minimize the chance for lost materials. It also allows for fast recovery if data were to be lost, making this method highly reliable.

Here at Auburn IT we know how important your data is, which is why we want to work alongside you to determine the best storage option that will ensure security and safety. We offer full IT services so that you do not have to worry about your data solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best assist you.

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