Auburn IT offers a variety of information technology (IT) services to ensure that your data, devices and network are being protected. With our IT services you will receive 24 hours of IT support every day. With our managed IT services you receive the whole bundle: monitoring and management, maintenance, security, backups and labor. Our IT consultants are trained to be as efficient as possible and are highly experienced in IT support.

With our monitoring and management IT service, our IT consultants will monitor your computers and networks to make sure everything is running smoothly. We will provide network documentation management, be proactive in issue management and resolution, provide secure remote access and much more. Our maintenance service is aimed at preventing problems before they even occur. This includes regular preventative maintenance, software updates and security checks.

With our security IT services, we keep unwanted threats out of your network. We implement advanced web protection, anti-virus software and regular network vulnerability scans. Our backup process will keep all of your information secure and updated in case of a data loss event. At Auburn IT, our IT consultants are on call to help at any time. We will provide unlimited support and maintenance.

When you encounter a problem, you can get into contact with one of our IT consultants through our IT helpdesk. This is our help department that will work to get any problem fixed quickly and efficiently.

Our information technology services and technical expertise will help enable your organization in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes. We believe that the necessary IT services include hardware and software, network infrastructure, mobile device management, cloud computing and cyber security. At Auburn IT, we don’t want you to worry about unpredictable IT costs or unexpected problems. Leaving those problems to us allows you to focus on your business with fewer distractions.