Your computer, network, data, and personal security is of top priority to Auburn IT. This is why we aim to provide the best security services for your company. We provide top-level computer security, cyber security, and even protection for your building with a security system camera set-up to keep your company protected from the inside-out.

When it comes to your computer security measures, our goal is to thoroughly protect the hardware and software of every device on your network. We monitor each aspect of every device in real time. We provide user account management for each user along with anti-virus and anti-malware protection for each end point, a popular request for added computer security. Our team of professionals can also implement advanced web protection and content filtering for each user and computer. With these measures put in place, security threats will be eliminated before they can even get close to your information.

Our cyber security services are provided in order to protect your entire network and the intercommunication between computers in your system. This can include not just computers, but mobile devices, printers, and more. In order to keep the sensitive information that is passed between these devices confidential, Auburn IT can conduct regular network threat and vulnerability scans so you can be confident your cyber security is always up to date.

Not only does Auburn IT prioritize the safety of your data and information with computer and cyber security, we also care about your people. This is why we provide security camera system design and installation services for your space. Our experts aim to ensure you feel safe in your building. They are equipped with the tools to design an effective security camera system that monitors all entryways and valuable items to keep your entire company defended from threats. Whether it’s inside your computer network or out, Auburn IT is here to guard your business from any threats that could come your way.