Auburn IT wants to help your company have an extra edge against the rest with the implementation of cloud computing for your data. Cloud computing is the practice of storing and accessing your businesses’ data and programs over the internet through a cloud service, rather than through a local server. Accessing this information can be done anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection, making it a favorite due to the increased flexibility, speed, and reliability in the workplace.

There are numerous benefits for transitioning to a cloud service from a local server. For one, Cloud computing guarantees consistent performance, meaning cloud services won’t go dark in case of a server failure, keeping your employees productive during these times. Cloud backups also continually save information to these cloud services, preventing loss of any important documents or data. The speed of cloud services is also a favorite feature among users. They provide the easiest access to high speed SSD drives and CPUs to maximize the amount of productivity at your business.

Cloud computing also provides an added layer of security to your company’s information. Cloud services are all required to abide by intense security regulations to protect your data and cloud backups. This technology utilizes top-notch firewall systems that are designed to detect and deter cyber threats before they come in contact with your cloud system. With the internet constantly growing each day, the amount of data your business needs to store and process will only rise. Cloud computing is future enabled, meaning it is designed to grow with your company as the internet expands. These cloud services are the most cost effective option for storing and processing such large amounts of data.

Cloud computing services will help your business stand out among the rest the sooner you are able to get it implemented. That is where Auburn IT is here to help. We are ready to successfully transition your company to cloud computing.