Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Auburn IT and the services that we offer. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please feel free to contact us via our online form, email, or give us a call. We’re glad to help in any way that we can and, we hope that we can work together to ensure your IT infrastructure is working efficiently for your business.

Why should I choose Auburn IT?

Auburn IT's focus is on forming long-term, genuine partnerships with small to mid-size businesses like yours. We act as your private, virtual in-house IT department and take full responsibility for all of the technical aspects of your business. Some of the core services we provide are remote monitoring, management, and proactive maintenance of your computers, servers, and networks, security, data backup, and phenomenal tech support. We pride ourselves on developing close, intimate relationships with our partners which enables us to provide an extremely high level of support and care.

Why do I need an IT support team?

You might require an IT support team if you have a lack of internal IT. Hiring external resources is more cost-effective than hiring IT staff. An IT support team proactively solves IT issues before they become problems, giving you complete peace of mind. A support team also guarantees security of your network and data and gives you increased uptime meaning your business can be more productive. We also consult you on new and better ways to use IT tools and software, providing efficiencies for your business.

What is your service area?

We can offer remote services throughout the U.S. Our headquarters is located in Auburn, AL. We consider our local service area anything within an hour of travel from our office. We do travel throughout the Southeastern United States. Locations more than an hour from our office incur a service fee. Companies on any of our managed service plans do not pay travel fees.

How can managed services with Auburn IT help my business?

First, our focus is proactively solving IT problems and future IT planning. Our staff and our processes exist to make your IT tools work for you. Second, your staff can focus on your business and your mission instead of trying to make information systems work the way you need them to, that's our job. Third, with managed services your IT investment is predictable and on budget. You won't get surprised by varying costs and unexpected invoices.

What does a typical plan cost?

Auburn IT customizes each plan to our partners unique needs, there is no one size fits all offering. We'll work with you to put together a plan. Some of the factors that go into a custom plan include the size of your organization and your business environment. It also depends on the amount of involvement you want from us. Auburn IT offers various solutions and services. We offer just the basic necessities or we can provide an all-inclusive comprehensive program. It all depends on what you need.

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